"Ah docteur Mouro, vous n’imaginez pas combien c’est dur et triste pour les pauvres de survivre au Brésil."

TO LULA 1st page

Palmeira dos Índios. 29 January 2018.

Dear Ex-President, your Excellency

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva

I would like to know, directly from you, if there is something that I can do to help you to free yourself from this perverse and Machiavellian sentence. Which has been manufactured against you. My name is Antonienta Santos de Lima better known as Dona Tonha; I am 100% for the PT, body and soul.

I am one of those women who owns the book Lula, Son of Brazil, Frame-by-Frame. Which you autographed for me on the 23 of August of 2017 when you were in Arapiraca in the John Paul II Municipal Gymnasium, which was an honor and a privilege for me, thank you so much ex-president and may GOD shine his light on you and defend you from all evils, God simply must wish it so.

Not only I, but all Brazilians who respect and esteem you. That is why I would like to know first of all if I can mail a letter that I wrote for the Judge, Sérgio Mouro [sic], so that he will absolve you of this Machiavellian accusation, all of us who are on your side are suffering a lot. But do not worry, I will never do anything that might harm you, if only because I am suffering together with all of our companions in the party.

But as you know good always wins out over evil. Ex-President Lula, attached to this letter is a copy of the letter I wrote to Mouro…

But the original is with me, first and foremost, you are the person who will decide what I must do with the letter, if I should or should not post it on Mouro’s social media. I am sending the copy for you to read together with your lawyers; together, you all can read and re-read and analyze it, and afterward, your Excellency, tell me whether or not I can send the letter to Mouro.

I would like to make a video, but that’s not possible, I don’t have the resources. Ex-President Lula, when I was in São Paulo, I spent 6 months and 3 days in the Ipiranga Hopsital, accompanying my husband during his treatment for prostate cancer, and during that period I had 20 minutes to clear my thoughts, the right and fortunate place that I found for this was in the Lula institute, where I found the strength to carry on.

Mr. President, you know that every day I would see when you arrived at the institute, entering the garage in your black-colored car, there was one day when you arrived and I was sitting beneath a tree in a chair watching the monkeys leaping from branch to branch, I would sit there chatting with Paulinho Vieira, a Bahian, and sometimes with Kalinca and Edla who were my friends who have a special place in my heart.

That is why I say to people that when I was in São Paulo, I had two families: one in the hospital and the other in the Lula Institute. Those two houses are where I found the strength to carry on.

I was heard, received, and respected by everyone and it was very gratifying; in spite of my suffering, I still had a little bit of spirit and I was treated with special care and with so much kindness, thank you my loves for everything.

There I was, confronting the terrible reality of seeing my friend and companion of 54 years, already suffering the terminal phase and I, there at his side for 6 months unable to do anything, his health worsening with each day that passed, he getting weaker and weaker and I, foreseeing the time in which he would meet his death there in the hospital and I wouldn’t be able to transfer his body to my native land which is Palmeira dos Índios, Alagoas.

He asked to leave, so that he could die at home, and there was barely time to get there; we arrived on December 22, 2015 and it was on the night of the 24th, Christmas Eve, that he died, even today the pain that I feel is so great, the sense of loss and how much I miss him, that it seems it will never end. Only someone who has already experienced it can know how much the pain of losing someone beloved hurts.

You know, President Lula, that prostate cancer is a dangerous disease and treacherous, after it is advanced it just kills without mercy, it is a disease that even today has not seen much scientific or technological advancement, in the medical area, science has investigated new medicinal sources, but unfortunately it has not been possible to discover a treatment or cure for this damned [disease], once it is in its advanced stages, ONLY GOD!

I am avoiding watching TV, so as not to stress myself out nor get tense, so as not to see nor hear all the atrociousness of this accursed business, which wastes no time in creating loopholes against you, staining your image and embarrassing you but I have faith in GOD who will bring this all to a happy end!

If GOD wishes. STRENGTH, STRENGTH and lots of it in these times.

If your lawyers will look to see if a news article can be made out of this letter, whatever happens is fine with me. I am ready to respond—well, to questions, not to an arrest!

Forgive me, President Lula, for all the stupid things I have written, it is because I have the compulsion to read and write which feeds my soul; because I learned to read during your government, when I was already 58. Reading and writing is my cloak: I love it.

Before I forget: I wrote my first book as a homage to the PT and to Lula and Dilma, but I have no way of publishing it I haven’t found a publisher.

MOURO, I am Antonieta Santos de Lima.

Palmeira dos Índios, 29 January 2018.

Your excellency Judge Sérgio Mouro.

By means of this letter I wish to make an appeal to you, as if it were the plea of a mother for a son. Please, sir, Judge, answer me, verifying, very carefully, what it is that I am asking of you. Think, analyze with care these words which I am writing to your Excellency, Judge Mouro.

How good it is to pause! To reflect, remember, and analyze, the path of courage, commitment, and struggle of ex-President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. Throughout his whole public life, principally during his 8 years in government, please Judge, only your excellency has the power to bring down the hammer and cancel these Machiavellian accusations against the ex-president.

Mr. Mouro, for Brazilians who understand the meaning of the word Pátria, politics, and democracy, not leaving out this word which is the engine which judges and carries out justice without errors. Called jurisprudence, I myself cannot believe it, in my view these perverse and Machiavellian accusations against the ex-President Lula cannot proceed, they are baseless, without grounds.

Judge. Let them speak whatever ill they want to of politics, without it, it is impossible for any city to progress. You know something? What compromises politics are bad politicians, abuses and violence.

Those who follow [politics], not with the intention of seeing their ideas and programs triumph, but in the hope of satisfying their personal and unpatriotic ambitions, for fame, power, and money. And those who try to protect, during their mandates, their individual interests.

That is how the majority of the government of our country behave. And now I ask you Judge, where is the proof? And what was the crime that Ex-President Lula committed, to be condemned to 12 years and more of prison? Because up to today there has been no proof shown that demonstrates what the President is alleged to have done, that is what Brazilians want to know, we all have doubts, if only because, until today no one has seen the room in ex-President Lula’s residence full of boxes of money, or Lula’s friend running from one street to the other with a briefcase full of money.

Likewise, real estate, lands, apartments and small farms, no one has seen the records of all those properties signed and authenticated in a registry office by the ex-President. Judge, you know for certain that there was an auction because there was no owner. I swear to GOD no one can understand, why they are doing what they are doing, these perverse and Machiavellian accusations against Lula.

We all know that you are an intelligent man, Judge, competent and holder of a great reserve of wisdom. I hope that you think with care about this perverse sentence, because only you can do something to undo this infamy, absolving, clearing, and pardoning, because: to err is Human, to forgive is Divine.

Judge Mouro. Can it be that the Ex-President Lula is being condemned because during his government, for 8 years, he invested in the poorer and less fortunate classes, the unprotected and especially that most long-suffering region, the Northeast? Doctor Mouro. You cannot imagine how hard and sad it is for a poor person to survive in Brazil. Just as you do not know what it is to be hungry, but the suffering folk of the poor Brazilian class knows.

You do not know what it is to get up each morning, a mother and a father searching the house up and down and not finding anything not even something to give their children to eat at breakfast, lunch, or dinner, that is how the life was for poor people. Before President Lula presided over Brazil or better said governed. Do you know, Judge, during the 8 years of Lula’s government and the 5 years of Dilma’s government three meals a day were always had in the house of the poor Brazilian people, if only because the poor person only preoccupies themselves with two things, which is a little affection and a little bread, just as the song by Olavo Bilac says.

That is the truth. The Lula and Dilma governments were governments for all, not the tools of a few. Both Lula and Dilma governed Brazil using all the means, as Machiavelli said, the ends justify the means, because all the means are honest it was a Philanthropic government that guaranteed the best quality of life for the nation.

Offering love, doing good, it was Lula who gave rights, respect, lifting the poor class out of anonymity, giving space and freedom, and it was he also who placed all the poor people within society, and also unified the three classes and just one. High, low, and middle.

He was one of the best presidents that Brazil has had. Can it be that this sentence against him, is because Lula has such a long history of struggle, and always chooses faith and reason against social inequality, against racism, and against prejudice, to support the least fortunate people, who are persecuted by suffering?

There is Judge Mouro. Every judicial power in the world says that, in jurisprudence there are no laws to condemn a person without proof of a crime. It is for that reason that this sentence against the ex-President must be annulled he cannot be a prisoner anymore, do you know why? He is already imprisoned in the heart of the Brazilian people.

Especially in the heart of the most needy, please Mr. Judge. Help us, share the path of our companions in the struggle, which did so much for Brazil, during the Lula government no one suffered the reality of hunger, it was a prosperous period, favorable, without crimes or inflation, and with everyone happy and content. I think. There is no one who has lost that much memory, to have forgotten all the good that was done for our Brazil. Please, one more time, judge Lula with your heart, absolving, clearing, and forgiving only you can free ex-President Lula from this baseless, illogical condemnation.

Judge Mouro. I am going to believe 100% in your heart, which beats within your chest, because it was GOD who created you and who made your heart, too. Think carefully, in these words written by a woman of 71 years of age, who until 2005 was illiterate. At the age of 58 I learned to read and write, how to acquire my principles and values, initiating my studies in 2005 from zero. In 2011, I finished middle school, thanks to the Lula government, because it was he who ended the taboo that kept the elderly from studying.

These are some of the factors that have been upsetting the capitalist elite, that is the worst part of all their rage, because they want to occupy space on planet Earth alone. And the ex-President Lula is a noble man, he treats rich and poor alike with respect, without racism, without prejudice, he has always fought and continues fighting for social equality.

Judge Mouro. “He who judges people, does not have time to love them” (Mother Theresa) “It is better to run the risk of saving a guilty man than to condemn an innocent one” (Voltaire) “An intelligent person resolves a problem, a wise one prevents it.” An injustice done to one is a threat to all. That is how we the Brazilian nation find ourselves today, principally those who chose Lula twice to preside over the nation. And without a doubt, he governed in the style of a symbol of the struggle.

As we all know, ex-President Lula became known internationally as the sherriff of the world and the father of the poor and also as a myth, his name adopted by global leaders. From various nations, businesspeople, leaders the world over. What the nation thinks of all that against the ex-President, in my view is prejudice, racism, and discrimination, because he is a northeasterner and didn’t get a degree, and because he was a machine worker. If I were Lula’s lawyer, I would bring a suit to indemnify the ex President for non-material damage not in the Brazilian courts, but at the UN in defense of Human Rights, since there has already been so much ill-will seen against a person.

In the Lula government Brazil gained confidence, credibility among the first-world country and was likewise adopted by three solid names, consisten and stabilized, Brazil without crises, without inflation, the economy consolidated within the three aspects environmental economic and social. Pardon and forgive me, but this sentencing of Lula is a product of jealousy, daydreaming and distortion to confuse the Brazilian nation. Stop this, think of the elderly who need health, education and security, fight for our Brazil with solid love for the development and the independence of our country, putting an end to these petty squabbles and fights for fame, power, and money.

I finish this letter with much respect for you, Judge Mouro.

Judge. Know that when evil comes around under the guise of hate, well we known that good loves because it is free; evil hates because it is a slave. OK.

It is valid to believe, because it is true, that in the end good always wins.

The freedom of ex-President Lula is in your hands.

Do not let your conscience weaken, keep it very alert in order to be able to give the verdict of freedom to an innocent man. If your conscience wants to weaken, do not worry, ask for help from reason because that will help you decide to do good and not evil. Reason means the capacity for the human soul to judge, evaluate, and organize the facts perceived by one’s mind. Because who commands the world is the mind of man just as the great thinkers said.

I have faith that you will not let an innocent man suffer 12 years and more in prison for an unproven accusation. Please Judge Mouro. Do your part for the happiness of the people, who have esteem for Lula. Think and reflect with care about the life of the ex-President and also for the sake of his age and for the sake of the pain that he has been experiencing since the loss of his wife who he loved so much, who died quickly and because of the pressures she suffered with these accusations, think what could happen with the ex-President. May GOD set him free. We only want a happy ending…

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