"your greatest “CRIME” was to have lifted 38 million people out of poverty"

Aracaju, April 08, 2018

My President,

It is with great sadness that I write this letter, my heart is broken in a thousand pieces, I cannot put down on paper everything that I feel.

I write to thank you for everything that you provided for me and my daughter, who thanks to the Science Without Borders Program, traveled to the University of Washington, DC and to FRANCE, to the University of Limoges, during the Engineering Masters program at the Federal University in Sergipe, a program created thanks to your administration.

My connection with the PT occurred during the strike of the Secretariat of Health in São Paulo, where I participated, and got to meet you in the São Paulo union, I participated in the health movements of the East side of the city, together with Eduardo Jorge, a health worker from Itaquara at that time, and with Luiza Erundina, Maria Gomes Valente and others.

I participated in the Diretas Já protests in 1989.

My love affair with the PT is 38 years old, I have great admiration and respect for Your Excellency, and I am certain that we are going to turn this game around.

I am going to list here some of your many crimes:


  1. My daughter traveled abroad (USA and France) with the program Science without Borders

  2. I bought an apartment via the program My House My Life

  3. I bought a new car

  4. I went on a CRUISE with my daughter to commemorate her achieving second rank in the doctoral program of the UFES in Aracajú/SE.

I thank you for having placed our long-suffering people on the path of social inclusion, and for all the programs you created. I am certain that your greatest “CRIME” was to have lifted 38 million people out of poverty, that crime the elite will never forgive.

God be with you.

Retired, 65 years of age

From the Northeast

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