"I remember the joy in the air"

Estimated President Lula,

I live in a country where a military dictatorship devastated the mental health of the people, planted fear and despair for over 17 years, and permanently polarized society.

When I arrived here, I tried calling my family every day to ease the difficult period of adaptation. My father always told me that I should return, telling me of the benefits that many people were receiving under Lula's government. There was joy and hope in his heart and great pride in mine.

I work in a working-class neighborhood in Santiago, Chile, I am a doctor, and today I became emotional with my last patient, an 84-year-old man. He came in with a diagnosis of terminal pulmonary fibrosis. He was a gentleman in every sense, the rare person who understands the meaning of respect and being polite.

As he was saying goodbye, he asked where I was from. He then asked me to send a hug to that man who was unjustly behind bars, President Lula da Silva. I fell in love with his spirit and I could not but send this message from Mr. Desiderio to my dear president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, and I also could not but express my infinite sadness for the atrocities taking place in Brazil.

Now when I call, my father does not tell me to come back. His conversation is sad and his spirit has been deflated. I now question the old feeling of pride that I felt. I see a dark and decaying future for my country. I fear something like what happened here might come to pass there.

I remember the first time I voted for the PT: "LULA, A STAR SHINES!" I remember the joy in the air. And that is what we need, Mr. President, urgently, that the star once again shines, that it once again illuminates people's faces. Lula 2018 now! Free Lula, a Brazil with dignity.

I sign off with a strong and fraternal embrace, hoping for social justice and your freedom as quickly as possible.

President Lula, you are not alone. We are all your battles, struggles, and ideals. "Our dreams will never be imprisoned"…and history will show who the real national traitors were.

With admiration,

Santiago de Chile, 05/02/2018

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