"So be calm, take a deep breath, read, exercise, and return to the arms of your people."

Lula, my dear comrade!

Know that we are many, fighting for your freedom and for democracy in our country. Many are the forces against us, as you well know, but we will not grow faint.

Thank you for everything that you did for us. Thank you for the IF’s, where I work at as administrator of the IFSUL, Passo Fundo campus, in this cursed town that betrayed you. Know that not all of us are like those traitors who bought agricultural machinery at low prices, thanks to your economic policies, and who now betray you. Thank you on behalf of my niece, who almost starved as a child, who became a doctor with a full scholarship provided by PROUNI. Thank you have directly contributed to the fact that today my entirely family has a job.

I am a member of the PCdoB. I support Manuela, but we are and will always be with you. Please, if there are elections and we make it that far, please do away the rottenness that is the Globo TV network, that coup-mongering mafia. The way I see it, if not for them, the coup would not have been possible.

I feel it as if every attack on your family were against my family. But this will not go unpunished; somehow, they will pay for.

I know that this shitty cell you’re in is nothing compared to all the challenges you have faced in life. So be calm, take a deep breath, read, exercise, and return to the arms of your people. Come back STRONG to fight off all the coup-mongers and to make Brazil sovereign.

A BIG HUG, my comrade!

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