"This letter is perfumed and contains the outline of the palm of my hand"

Dear President Lula,

I am 32 years old and I am a doctor. Born in São Paulo, I studied medicine at the Federal University of Pelotas - RS, which received funding from REUNI. I have so much to thank you and President Dilma for that it would not fit on this little paper!

But today I would hope that it brings you strength. I would like that, even in the solitude of prison, you are warmed, aided, and feel consoled: out here we will continue to fight, carry on our struggle, your struggle.

I was happy to hear that yesterday (Sunday) you were able to watch the Corinthians game and I (a São Paulo fan, for crying out loud), for the first time was satisfied with Corinthians winning the title since I imagine the achievement made you happy and maybe put a smile on your face.

You see? You are a leader capable of uniting hearts everywhere: Corinthians fans and São Paulo fans . . . and even the entire Left, which had previously been divided.

I cried a lot while watching the mass for Mrs. Marisa Letícia. I cried for her, who left us enshrouded in sadness and anguish, outraged by those dogs that inhumanely accosted her at the hospital door. I cried for you, resisting so much with your family. I cried for Brazil, plundered by these scoundrels and the injustices sowed by the media and those in power.

But your words awoke in us, the people, not a thirst for revenge but for JUSTICE because they led us to believe again in democracy. That is way I reiterate: in the 2018 election we will be with you or whoever you indicate. If the coup consolidates itself and there are no elections, we will also be with you in the struggle for the reestablishment of democracy!

You must have noticed that this letter is perfumed and contains the outline of the palm of my hand. I did not make these gestures with any romantic intent (I have a boyfriend, we live together and are very happy! ) No, my intention here is something else: to provide scents, colors, tactile sensations from out here. One way to touch and hold your hand, President Lula. One way of enveloping you in a cloud of perfume and warmth, as if I were with you or giving you a hug and fraternal love. Simply as a human soul touching another human soul.

What they do not know: LULA IS FREE!

He is here with me at my house. He eats the carrot cake that I made. He sips coffee with Vitor, my partner. Lula goes for walks throughout Porto Alegre, Salvador, all corners of Brazil.

Lula is an idea. But he is also affection, feeling (paraphrasing Dilma's inauguration speech).

President Lula: you are still here, in the heart of this Brazilian woman and in the hearts of millions of others!

A big hug, with much love:

Porto Alegre, April 9, 2018

PS1: One day I want to have the opportunity to invite you over to my house for some coffee or a caipirinha (my specialty!). Something tells me that day is not far off!

PS2: As my father says: "I am with you always . . . until the final victory!!!"

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